Quality of Life as a Concept in the Modern Society


  • Natalia Vladimirovna Batsun Irkutsk State Technical University




quality of life, modern society


By now, neither socialist planned economy, nor market economy, nor the noble public environmental movements have brought reliable instruments of managing ecological aspects of the quality of life. Perhaps, it would be helpful to try to use here the methods of the concept of total quality management, so popular in business management. The main aspects of the quality of life management deriving from quality management positions are: priority of consumer requirements, which in our case means that when evaluating any projects, human interests must be considered higher than any system interests; priority of quality, which means rejecting such alternative options as the “consumer society” concept and radically ecological one, and leads to considering life period expectancy as the main target index; managing processes, not product specific- quality; involvement of all the personnel of organization (the whole population); huge role of continuous training; formalization of input and output control, including standardization and certification procedures.


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Author Biography

Natalia Vladimirovna Batsun, Irkutsk State Technical University

Natalia Vladimirovna Batsun, MA in Management, Irkutsk State Technical University, Russia, Chairof International Economics, Docent.Born in 1962. Graduated (1999) from Siberian Institute of Economics, Management and Law, major– Environmental management; Spheres of research interests: general, environmental and personnelmanagement.


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