Focus and Scope

The journal focuses on issues associated with the evolution of industry and services as well as their surroundings during the transition from an industrial economy to a post-industrial and information-based economy (knowledge-based). It is designed to serve as a forum for researchers at domestic and foreign institutions studying spatial changes and functional changes in industrial and service sectors experiencing globalization and the associated process of European integration. The journal accepts papers on the behaviors of various enterprises and the effectiveness of their functioning as well as papers on models designed to assess mechanisms of industrial growth and the evolution of contemporary near-industrial areas. The use of such mechanisms in applied papers designed to create growth strategies at a variety of spatial scales is also of interest. The research results published in the journal are often used in applied projects run by business entities and local governments. This is especially true of modernization projects and the creation of development strategies for spatial, social, economic, and cultural projects.

Special attention is given to the following research issues:

  • creation of problem-solving methods for the geography of industry and services,
  • changes in industry and the service sector as part of general economic development, with a special focus on the knowledge-based economy,
  • restructuring of domestic and foreign industrial and service enterprises during the transition from communism to capitalism, European integration and increasing globalization,
  • changes in the production potential and structure of industry and the service sector at a variety of spatial scales in Poland and abroad,
  • evolution of international corporations, global production networks, and increasingly global ownership, organizational, investment, capital, trade and information linkages,
  • spatial concentration of industrial centers, districts, and areas,
  • level of effectiveness and competitiveness of industrial production and services,
  • evolution of high-tech industries and the IT sector,
  • transition from industrial to service-oriented firms,
  • deindustrialization, relocation of industrial plants and changes in business location factors,
  • role of higher education and research and development in social and economic development; effect on business innovation at different spatial scales,
  • multiplier effects in regional development,
  • role of different branches of industry and the service sector in the development of national, regional and local systems; focus on the transport and tourism industry,
  • revitalization of post-industrial areas.

The journal also accepts case studies on the formation and functioning of industrial and service-oriented enterprises and their effect on the spatial structure of industry (industrial centers, industrial district, special economic zones, technopoles, industrial clusters, technology parks) as well as the transformation of selected branches of industry and the service sector in spatial system of varying size.

The geographical scope of the journal mainly include Central and Eastern Europe and other emerging markets, but we also welcome articles beyond this scope, which are the results of research in other countries of the world.

We are interested in introducing new areas of research. You are invited to publish with us. We focus on both empirical papers on the behavior of different types of enterprises and theoretical papers leading to new theories in industrial geography.