Irkutsk as a Potential Growth Point of Greening Processes in Russia


  • Irkutsk National Research Technical University
  • Irkutsk State Railway University



Baikal, economic-geographic position, environmentally friendly goods, greening, Irkutsk, public consciousness


Greening has no alternatives in contemporary world. Yet in Russia another process is taking place - the weakening of environmental consciousness in the conditions of economic backwardness. Our hypothesis is that the only hope is connected with some local breakthroughs and one of them can occur in Irkutsk due to its geographic position. The proximity to the Lake Baikal must influence the mentality of the citizens, which has already been demonstrated once, in the time of Perestroyka. There existed an enormous public activity in Irkutsk with the slogans of closing Pulp and Paper Plant on the bank of Baikal. To analyse this idea, the geographic position is thoroughly considered. Also, a sociological survey was undertaken in the framework of our investigation. This survey showed the high level of Baikal patriotism, as well as some tendencies of forming consumer’s consciousness of the quality of the goods purchased. The market of environmentally-friendly products in Irkutsk was analysed, including the one of food supplements developed by local specialists. This market is in the initial stages of its existence, but it does exist and it is a source of hope.


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Author Biographies

, Irkutsk National Research Technical University

Batsiun Natalia V. – MA, Senior Lecturer, Chair of Economics and Digital Business Technologies, Irkutsk
National Research Technical University. Graduated from Siberian Institute of Law, Economics and Management (1999). The author of more than 100 published works, including four textbooks. Her research interests include environmental management, regional marketing, geographical specificities of greening processes.

, Irkutsk State Railway University

Jakobson Anatol Ya. – Doctor of Geographic Sciences, Professor, Chair of Management, Irkutsk State Transport University. Graduated from Moscow State University (1970). The author of more than 250 published works, including five monographs and more than 10 textbooks. His research interests include regional marketing, strategic development planning, public movements.

Jakobson Yuri A. – MA, Medical Director, DQV Technologies ltd. Graduated from Irkutsk Medical Institute (1996). Post-graduate student, Irkutsk State Transport University. His research interests include medicines and marketing of environmentally-friendly products.


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