Changes in marketing orientation of industrial enterprises in the age of progressive globalization


  • Radosław Repetowski Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny, Kraków



globalizacja, marketing, przemysł


Globalization is not a new phenomenon. This process has been initiated by great geographic discoveries. One can say, that the first age of globalization has been started in the 19th century. Continuous reducing of duty caused England to become the trade - open country. It allowed to accelerate the develpment of international business. In the end of the 19th century, innovations were a significant factor for development of globalization. They enabled a boost of efficiency of enterpreneurship through organizing mass production, reducing elementary cost and reducing price of final products. Technical progress in transport was also a significant factor for development of globalization. Along with technical progress, enterprises were forced to change their market orientation. Development of telecommunication contributed to propagation of information and it allowed enterprises to react much more quickly to changes in their environment. Presently, globalization has adopted a different form. First of all, it proceseeds faster and it has the greatest territorial coverage. There is no doubt that modern enterprises face the great challenge of being more competing on the homogeneous international market. Marketing is a package of market management instruments and one of the basic manager orientation. Efficiency of the enterprise activity on the market is mainly dependent on the selection of proper marketing instruments. The main questions are: How to be competitive on the international market in the age of globalization? Has globalization played a big role in forming the marketing theory?


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